再開日 : 2018年2月13日
対象通貨 : 日本円   




Announcement regarding the resumption of JPY withdrawals

There has been a temporary suspension in place on withdrawals of JPY from the Coincheck platform in order to protect and ensure the integrity of customer assets. This notice is to announce that with the help of outside experts we have been able confirm the security of our system and plan to resume JPY withdrawals beginning on the following date.

Regarding resumptions of JPY withdrawals Currently, all customer JPY assets are being stored in a customer-specific account in a major financial institution. We plan to resume normal operations for JPY withdrawals from the following date and will process customer requests in the order in which they come in.

Resumption date: 2/13/2018
Withdrawal currency: JPY

- This is an announcement concerning withdrawals of customer-owned JPY assets. The date listed above is unrelated to reparation payments for the XEM that were illicitly transferred from our platform.
- We will be completing withdrawal requests in the order that they come in, so it may take a short period of time after withdrawals resume before your transfer is completed.
- We may contact customers separately in order to confirm certain details of withdrawal requests.
-If further complications preventing the safe resumption of withdrawals are discovered, the resumption date may be extended in order to guarantee customer asset security.

We plan to lift restrictions on withdrawals of cryptocurrencies and other temporary feature restrictions as soon as we are able to guarantee the secure resumption of operations for each feature. We will provide further details as soon as they are available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
*All times are in JST