報告内容は、業務改善命令において指摘されておりました、(1)本事案の事実関係及び原因の究明 、(2)顧客への適切な対応、(3)システム管理態勢にかかる経営管理態勢の強化及び責任の所在の明確化、(4)実効性あるシステムリスク管理態勢の構築及び再発防止策の策定、などについてとなります。



Delivery of Report per Requirements of Order to Improve Business Operations


This release is to announce the delivery of our report to the Financial Services Agency per the requirements of the Order to Improve Business Operations we received following the illicit transfer of the cryptocurrency NEM from our platform.

The content of the report deals the terms of the order including 1) Investigating the facts and causes surrounding this case, 2) Proper support of our customers, 3) Strengthening of current measures to manage system risk, 4) Creation of new measures for system risk management and prevention of similar events in the future in addition to making it clear where responsibility lies for different risks.

Beginning with the points mentioned in the FSA's improvement order, we plan to continue making meaningful improvements to our system. In addition, we are continuing to confirm and improve the security of our systems in order to resume transfers of other cryptocurrencies and begin reparation payments as soon as possible.

Finally, we would like to apologize once again to our customers and to all of those who have been affected by this incident. We promise to continue working tirelessly to regain your trust through meaningful and tangible improvements to our services and platform.