補償金額:88.549円 × 日本時間2018年1月26日 23:59:59時点での保有数
補償対象:日本時間2018年1月26日 23:59:59時点でNEMを保有していたお客様

・補償日時に本人確認が完了していないお客様も補償の対象です。日本円の出金には別途本人確認の完了が必要です。 また、日本円出金に伴い、別途追加での本人確認を行う場合がございますことをご了承ください。




Regarding Reparations to Users in Possession of NEM Illicitly Transferred From Our Platform

Due to an incident on 01/26/2018, certain services on Coincheck, a cryptocurrency exchange platform run by Coincheck, Inc. (CEO: Koichiro Wada) have been temporarily suspended, and we would like to apologize to our customers, other exchanges, and anyone else affected by this incident for the inconveniences we’ve caused you.
Reparations for NEM illicitly transferred from our platform will be as follows.

Reparations for illicitly transferred NEM

Distribution period: 03/12/2018
Reparations amount 88.549JPY x the amount held at 23:59:59 JST on 1/26/2018
Qualifications for reparations: Users in possession of NEM on our platform at 23:59:59 JST on 1/26/2018

- This announcement is regarding reparations for the NEM illicitly transferred from our platform and is unrelated to the resumption of deposits, withdrawals, sales and purchases of NEM on our platform.
- Reparations will be made in JPY.
- Reparations will be made directly to users' accounts' balances on Coincheck, not to bank accounts registered to accounts.
- Customers who have not completed identity verification are still eligible for reparations. Completing identity verification is necessary for JPY withdrawals. There may be situations where we ask customers to submit additional identity verification documents when withdrawing JPY.
- JPY withdrawals from our platform incur a fixed fee.
- We will be completing withdrawal requests in the order that they come in, so it may take a short period of time for your transfers to be completed after withdrawals resume.
- We may be forced to reevaluate the timing of the reparations period due to unforeseen circumstances.
- Regarding taxes, we are speaking with the Taxation Bureau. We will announce new information as soon as we have it.
* Regardless of whether the reparations customers receive are considered taxable or not, they will not need to be reported on 2017's taxes as they will be received during this year (2018).

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Once again, we would like to apologize for the inconveniences that the illicit transfer of NEM from out platform and the resulting suspension in services has caused our customers and anyone else affected by this incident. Thank you for your patience.

*All dates and times are in JST.