6: 出金の際は本人確認の完了が必要です。また、このたびの出金再開に伴い、別途追加での本人確認を行う場合がございますことをご了承ください。







Announcing the Resumption of Withdrawals and Sales of Certain Cryptocurrencies

With the help of outside experts, we have been able to confirm the technical security of our systems and would like to announce our plans for resuming,withdrawals and sales of certain cryptocurrencies which have been temporarily suspended as we ensure the integrity of customer assets and investigate our platform.

Coincheck, Inc. has received an order to improve business operations on 03/08/2018 based on the Payment Services Act defined in Article 63-16 from the Financial Services Agency in response to the illicit transfer of the cryptocurrency NEM from our platform. We earnestly accept the terms of the order and vow to rebuild our internal management controls and management structures from the ground up while simultaneously working to improve management strategies to focus on customer care.

Resuming withdrawals and sales of certain cryptocurrencies
We will begin resuming withdrawals, and sales of the following cryptocurrencies for which we have been able to confirm the security of operations.

Resumption date: 03/12/2018 (Sequentially)
Features to be resumed: Withdrawals and sales(Deposits and purchases are not included. )
Currencies available for withdrawals: ETH, ETC, XRP, LTC, BCH, BTC
Currencies available for sales: ETH, ETC, XRP, LTC, BCH, (Sales of BTC have been exempt from the temporary suspension)

Details regarding withdrawals and sales
1. This announcement is only in regards to the withdrawal and sale of the cryptocurrencies stated above. It doesn't cover deposits or purchases for these currencies.
2. In order to protect the integrity of customer assets, all pending transfer requests will be canceled before we resume normal services. Please request new transfers as needed.
3. Make sure to double check that addresses you make transfers to both on and off the Coincheck platform are ones familiar to you.
4. We have received a large number of transfer requests and expect there to be a delay of a few days after we resume services as we process them in the order in which we receive them.
5. Transaction fees for withdrawals may fluctuate depending on congestion in cryptocurrency networks. We will announce any changes in fees via our official newsletter and social media accounts.
6. Identity verification is required to withdrawing funds. There may be situations where we ask customers to submit additional identity verification documents when requesting withdrawals.


Notes of caution

- Heavy access may lead to slight connection issues to the service and to our customer support phone lines.
- We may be compelled to temporarily suspend sales and purchases due to severe increases in trading numbers or as-of-yet unforeseen circumstances. Violent price fluctuations may similarly lead to an automatic suspension of operations.
- We may be forced to reevaluate our plans for resuming these services without prior notice if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Regarding currencies for which withdrawals and sales are still currently restricted, we are working to evaluate the risks attributed to each currency and confirm the technical security of our systems regarding these currencies in order to resume normal operations. Once we have been able to confirm these points, we will choose the order in which to resume operations with the integrity of customer assets in mind. Also, we plan to resume deposits and purchases of all currencies and new registrations to the platform as soon as our internal management controls and management structures have been successfully revamped. We will release more details as soon as they are available.

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Once again, please accept our apologies for the inconveniences we have caused you.

*All dates and times are in JST.